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eFlip Standard for HTML5

eFlip Standard for HTML5 (PDF to FlipBook) software strengthens its functions
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14 May 2013

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This software creates flipbooks in HTML5.

Interactive flip books that feel like real life book/magazine or a brochure can be created with this tool. The overall look and feel would be the same as with flipbooks created with traditional Flash technology. However, ever since Apple decided to drop support for flash, doing things in Flash will exclude a large population of devices like the iPhone, iPad, etc. Going the HTML5 way, you would be able to support not only the other devices but also the Apple devices. Flip books are considered an effective means of presenting information. Prime need for creating such a presentation is to hold the attention of your visitor long enough to let him decide to do business with you or to note you to be a dependable supplier of products or services or information. This tool will let you convert PDF, Microsoft Office as well as OpenOffice documents.

The actual conversion is very simple. It takes only a few steps. The output can create APK formatted content too. The publishers also make some 5 GB storage space available in the cloud for storing your publications for sharing. The utility also provides a few templates to get your designs to a quick start. Additional output formats are available. These include the HTML. Converting to HTML will let the document to be placed for web reading. You are able to create versions for mobile devices like the phone handsets and tablets. This is a good tool and helps support information presentation well.

Publisher's description

HTML5 now has become the hot topic of Web development. Most modern browser (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and mobile devices) is supported by HTML5. Many developers think that HTML5 is more suitable for mobile phones. At present, HTML5 is widely used in gaming, like we favorite game Angry Bird, cut the rope etc. Of course, expect for playing game, we also like to read the ebook on Mobile or Tablet.
To make the mobile reading convenient, eFlip Standard for HTML5 (PDF to FlipBook) software strengthens its functions. With this conversion tool, you can not only import PDF to converting, but also Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and RTF format. And output format is also various. Using only HTML to converting, your created book will support for web reading. If also check the Mobile version option, great, the created book friendly for HTML5 will easy for you to read in Mobile and Tablet.
The most special is eFlip Standard for HTML5 feature of "Upload Online". It is specially designed for those people who want to share book online but not have own website. All the upload operation only requires you to do some clicks. A few minutes later, you can get the online book link for sharing easily.
eFlip Standard for HTML5
eFlip Standard for HTML5
Version 1.0
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